Partial or total acquisition of web pages x x
Acquisition Frame Pages  x  x
Acquire all graphics elements x x
Acquisition of the html code of the web page x x
Automatic capture of all objects linked to the web page x x
Change User Agent x x
Acquisition/Edit host file x x
Acquiring network traffic x x
Screencast audio/video x x
Case Management and Acquisitions x x
Multi-user (used by different investigators) x x
Automatic calculation of hash md5, sha1 and sha256 of all captured files x x
Log files for each capture x x
Verification of the integrity of the acquisition x x
Store capture data on remote server x
Verify integrity of the acquisition on remote server x
Send Mail and PEC with acquisition data x
Acquisition of SSL/TLS server and client certificates x
Script Injection on the Page (bookmarklet) x
Manual referral setting  x
Acquiring page and audio/video media content for any length of time x
Scheduled acquisition of web pages x
Web site acquisitions on TOR network (Darkweb) x
Automatic search of pages linked to the main page x
Automatic search of pages linked to the main page in websites protected by login x
Automatic acquisition of web pages from a list (xml file) x
Acquiring websites in FTP preserving the original metadata on the server x
Automatic generation acquisition reporting x



The LAW ENFORCEMENT release is directed exclusively to Police, Law Enforcement and Intelligence.
To know the features of this release and to have a test license please contact us.