FAW Sign


Forensic acquisition of interactions on web pages

FAW Sign is a suite of APIs for forensic acquisition of the interactions that users generate while browsing Web pages. Interaction means a process in which two or more objects (agents, systems or users) act one with respect to the other; in the specific case they are the actions that a user performs when visiting a website while browsing it. For example, think of pressing a button, checking a checkbox, scrolling a text contained in a frame or in a text box; in many cases these interactions must be acquired at forensic level to certify the user’s will of the actions he is carrying out (for example, signing a point & click contract, accepting clauses or approving the processing of his data) .

FAW Sign allows you to acquire all types of interactions of the Web pages according to the best practices of the Digital Forensic and in compliance with the ISO / IEC 27037: 2012 standard, thus ensuring the traceability of the user’s navigation and the activity carried out within the individual web pages.

FAW Sign crystallizes interactions in four different ways: by saving on FAW servers, by time stamp, by substitutive conservation and by Blockchain technology.

The customer, who uses FAW Sign on his website, can therefore benefit from legally valid documentation to prove the interactions in the legal center, and therefore the will of the user who has used or purchased a product / service on the customer’s website.


Features and benefits

Simple APIs to integrate

The FAW Sign proprietary APIs are easily integrated into any type of website developed with any type of architecture: HTML5, PHP, .NET, WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, etc …

Trust Service Provider

Each interaction acquired can be certified and validated by a qualified certification authority, through the use of timestamp and substitute conservation.


Interactions can also be stored on Blockchain with maximum guarantee of integrity and inalterability.

ISO/IEC 27037: 2012 compliance

All interactions are acquired according to the best practices of Digital Forensic in full compliance with the international standard ISO / IEC 27037: 2012.

Evidential value

The interactions acquired by FAW Sign can be considered in all respects digital evidence and can be directly used in court or out of court.

SaaS Pay per use

The payment model of the FAW Sign service is very convenient and flexible because it uses the Pay Per Use formula, that is, you pay only if you use it.