Versioning (25-05-2024)

Added 4 new languages: Spanish, French, German and Indi.
Optimized memory management.
Added TikTok Video Download module. (20-01-2024)

Minor bug fixed on EDGE browser (13-01-2024)

Updated EDGE browser (21-10-2023)

Support for long file names
Video Download Tool: Create complete video files from separate audio and video tracks.
FAW Multi: Added support for nested sitemaps
FAW FTP: creation of acquisition files in .tar format (07-10-2023)

Fixed minor bugs in the Demo version. (30-09-2023)

Updated Video Download tool. (23-09-2023)

Added automatic software update function.
Minor bugs fixed. (20-09-2023)

Added function to display top, bottom and div crop areas. (29-07-2023)

Added MULTI HTML module
Removed Geko browser
Improved and updated the configuration of the different modules
Minor bug fix (20-05-2023)

Added functionality for automatic software update
Minor bug fix (05-04-2023)

Added script for automatic acquisition of Facebook posts that open in a modal window (11-03-2023)

Updated scripts for downloading WhatsApp objects (18-02-2023)

Updated video download modules (YouTube embedded and Video Downloader) (28-01-2023)

Fixed bug save screencast in Email module (21-01-2023)

Fixed bug in displaying the message at the end of the acquisition of PFA licenses (13-01-2023)

Improved the report module with the possibility to choose whether to link the contents or embed them (09-01-2023)

Introduced new web page content analysis tools (EXPLORER, TEXT, VIDEO, IMAGE)  (24-09-2022)

TOR module updated – now it is possible to use all FAW tools on the TOR network (25-06-2022)

Updated Live Stream module (10-06-2022)

From this release is available the license LAWYER PFA (21-05-2022)

Added the option to end the screencast after taking the screenshot (02-04-2022)

New graphic interface for program configuration
Added new DIV based auto scroll mode
Telegram module added (21-03-2022)

New graphical interface at start-up that guides the user in choosing the correct tools for the acquisition of the different types of website
Using three different types of browsers to perform acquisitions: Chromium, Geko and Edge
New feature to take manual screenshots
Added TikTok module
Added LinkedIn module (24-02-2022)

Added DAZN module (12-02-2022)

Updated Facebook module (22-01-2022)

Added Stream Link module for downloading live streams (14-12-2021)

Updated MAIL module with TLS protocol support (11-09-2021)

Updated WhatsApp module (01-09-2021)

Minor bugs fixed (31-08-2021)

Minor bugs fixed (25-08-2021 )

Added new GOOGLE module (11-08-2021)

Added “Open Case Directory” button in the initial window (10-08-2021)

Minor bugs fixed (04-08-2021)

New log interface to view in detail all the acquisition operations performed by the program
Nmap component updated with new version 1.50
New executable for software installation/update (28-07-2021)

Minor bugs fixed (24-07-2021)

Added new way of downloading objects linked to pages. You can choose the download in four different modes: WebClient, Fetch, Xml Http Request and Media Streaming.
Added new INSTAGRAM module (05-06-2021)

Added new VIDEO module for capturing streaming video (19-04-2021)

Proxy management updated
License deactivation procedure updated (21-03-2021)

Updated Facebook module
Updated WhatsApp module (09-01-2021)

This version provides the possibility to use the USB Dongle (19-12-2020)

Updated Facebook module
Added semi-automatic acquisition function (auto / manual) in FAW MULTI (12-12-2020)

Optimize acquisitions with LAW ENFORCEMENT PFA licenses (09-12-2020)

Updated WhatsApp module
From this version, LAW ENFORCEMENT PFA licenses are supported (25-11-2020)

Updated script for the Facebook ID search on the new graphic interface (23-11-2020)

New EASY module added, which allows you to acquire web pages with just one click
New CHECK module added, which allows you to automatically check all elements of FAW acquisition (16-11-2020)

Added new MAIL module, for the acquisition of mail messages directly from the Mail servers
Updated script for automatic opening of Facebook comments
Fixed problem in the YOUTUBE module that did not download the video file if the acquisition of the objects linked to the page was not enabled (05-10-2020)

Optimized WebGL support for some computers with outdated graphics drivers (03-10-2020)

WebGL graphics acceleration support
Demo versions no longer show hash values of captured files (28-09-2020)

new feature: possibility to launch scripts directly from the Tools> Run Script menu, even during navigation mode
fixed problem that did not make the browser return to the home page after making the acquisition (19-09-2020)

updated the browser component to version 84
ability to select types of objects linked to the page to download (02-09-2020)

improved download performance of objects linked to the page (28-08-2020)

acquisition of information (whois) of the domain
added string “Report_” in the name of the report file generated by FAW REPORT
fixed bug that filenames could not be seen in the status bar, during the acquisition of the linked objects of the page when they started with blob:
modified encryption, in AES-256, of the archive file of the entire acquisition (which is generated by FAW REPORT)
changed network traffic capture filename from “Wireshark_” to “Network_dump_”
correct graphics of the separators of the upper button bar
new license management: usage limit on up to 5 different computers (19-08-2020)

acquisition of all objects connected to the web page by reading the headers
date and time of upload on the web server of all the objects of the page
updated report module with new features
– possibility to choose between simple and detailed report
– possibility to choose the elements to be included in the detailed report
– generation of an encrypted archive file containing all the necessary acquisitions
– new report template (08-08-2020)

updated Multi module
download of objects without extension and without shema url (04-08-2020)

updated WhatsApp module (28-07-2020)

updated Youtube module (27-07-2020)

P2P tool
metadata of linked objects (17-05-2020)

updated YouTube component
updated Proxy management (04-04-2020)

new license management