Technical support


A staff of qualified technicians is ready to support customers who use the FAW software in solving any problems related to installation, upgrade and configuration.

Our technicians are able to give a quick and safe answer to any request relating to any malfunctions, to give advice on how to acquire particular web pages or to use the features of the FAW software.

Technical support is provided free of charge to customers exclusively via email with the following average response times:

Response times (Monday to Friday) PROFESSIONAL and LAW ENFORCEMENT licenses DEMO licenses
within 12 hours 20% 2%
within 24 hours 54% 8%
within 48 hours 18% 10%
within 72 hours 5% 70%
over 72 hours 1% 10%


Technical support is only provided on the latest software release.

Contact our Technical Support

To send a request for assistance to Technical Support, we recommend that you complete the assistance request form, or write an email to