The FAW - Forensics Acquisition of Websites software is free!

Latest Updates

Released version

The new features that are added with this release are: Cache and Cookies in RAM Memory (no longer need to clear cache and cookies). Improved screencast: video files are readable by all players; the audio is recorded in stereo at 48 KHz.


Acquire websites that contain Flash

With FAW you can also capture websites that contain elements made in Flash (complex animations, videos, multimedia, etc.). Flash has become obsolete because it makes web surfing unstable, causing blockage of web pages, as well as being subject to numerous security issues. However, there are still many websites that use this technology, not least Facebook that uses it to display some videos. To view Flash with FAW, just install the free player provided by Adobe from this link at and click on the link “Need Flash Player for different computer?” . At this point you have to choose your



The reference software for the forensic acquisition of web pages. Recognized by forensic communities around the world as a valuable tool to crystallize web pages.


Available in the next release 7.0
Acquires the web pages present on the Darkweb through TOR network.


Available in the next release 7.0 Starts the acquisition of web pages and terminates it manually, allowing the operator to capture the behavior of some pages and multimedia content (audio / video) in their entirety.


Available in the next release 7.0 Allows you to schedule the acquisition of a web page, so you can capture the content at different times of the day.


Available in the next release 7.0 It is a real crawler looking for all the web pages linked to the main page, extracting it from the URL and height to create an index from which it can then be automatically downloaded. It also allows you to search on websites with login-protected areas, such as the Social Network.


Available in the next release 7.0 FAW in multipage version, allows automatic capture of a list of web pages. Perfect for capturing entire websites fast and automatically.


Available in the next release 7.0 This tool allows you to capture entire Web sites in FTP and SFTP mode without modifying metadata of copied files.


Available in the next release 7.0 With this tool you can create a detailed report of all the activities carried out with the FAW suite importing all the acquisitions references in addition to regulatory references in Digital Forensics.