The first forensic browser

able to quickly and easly capture web pages that are to be brought to trial in criminal and civil proceedings.

Acquisition of all websites

FAW acquires websites of any type: HTML5, CMS, static, dynamic, with frames, blogs, e-commerce, portals, social network, etc.

Social Network acquisition

FAW allow access to any Social Network and aquires all of its contents.

Intranet acquisition

FAW can also acquire all the resurces available from Intranet networks, such as IP Camera, Router configuration, Firewall, Switch and NAS.

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Forensic acquisition performed by a computer expert

The reference software for the forensic acquisition of web pages. Recognized by forensic communities around the world as a valuable tool to crystallize web pages.

Acquires the web pages present on the Darkweb through TOR network.

Starts the acquisition of web pages and terminates it manually, allowing the operator to capture the behavior of some pages and multimedia content (audio / video) in their entirety.

Allows you to schedule the acquisition of a web page, so you can capture the content at different times of the day.

It is a real crawler looking for all the web pages linked to the main page, extracting it from the URL and height to create an index from which it can then be automatically downloaded. It also allows you to search on websites with login-protected areas, such as the Social Network.

FAW in multipage version, allows automatic capture of a list of web pages. Perfect for capturing entire websites fast and automatically.

This tool allows you to capture entire Web sites in FTP and SFTP mode without modifying metadata of copied files.

With this tool you can create a detailed report of all the activities carried out with the FAW suite importing all the acquisitions references in addition to regulatory references in Digital Forensics.

Acquire You Tube pages, download and certify in video present and all related objects.

It acquires through the most famous p2p protocols all the streams both from file and server through url.

It acquires the Facebook url with a wide configuration on the types of pages and objects to be acquired. Automate comment expansion and page scrolling.

With this tool it is possible to capture entire whatsapp chats by scrolling the profile automatically or manually. Download and acquire any chat object.

This module allows novice users to acquire web pages with a simple click of a single button.

This module allows you to check all the files saved during an acquisition in order to certify their authenticity.

Client for the forensic acquisition of email boxes. The module allows you to connect to mail servers with the IMAP and POP3 protocols and to download and certify all the emails present in the mailbox; all messages exchanged between client and server are also logged.

Acquires streaming videos starting from the URL of the same.

It allows you to acquire Instagram web pages.

It allows to acquire the reserved pages of the Google accounts.


FAW Professional

The perfect solution for forensic acquisition of web pages. Forensic community of all the world gave it the recognition like a precious instrument to fix web pages. FAW is suitable for technical consultant and other expert need automatic acquisitions, acquisitions of TOR network and innovative features to speed the activities.

The licence has a year-long due date and it works only for a workstation.

FAW Professional ON-DEMAND

The ideal solution to make all the acquisitions you want within 24 hours, at an extremely convenient price. It is ideal for individuals and professionals who need a simple and valuable tool to certify web pages with legal value. The Professional license allows you to make acquisitions on the TOR network and has advanced features to speed up all types of acquisitions.

The license has a duration of 24 hours from the time of activate and is combined with a workstation.


To support schools and universities and encourage professors and students to use our software, we have created EDUCATIONAL licenses with all the features of the PROFESSIONAL version without limitations. EDUCATIONAL license packages can be purchased from professional schools and universities at a very advantageous price. For more information write to

FAW Law Enforcement

The software for forensic acquisition of web pages designed for Law Enforcement department. It has all the Professional version features and other important features required by workers in the sector.

The licence has a year-long due date and it works only for a workstation.

FAW Sign

FAW Sign allows you to acquire all types of interactions of the Web pages according to the best practices of the Digital Forensic and in compliance with the ISO / IEC 27037: 2012 standard, thus ensuring the traceability of the user’s navigation and the activity carried out within the individual web pages.

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Acquisition report

Acquisition of WhatsApp

Facebook acquisition

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  1. First and only forensic browser since 2011;
  2. Trusted by most law enforcement agencies in the world;
  3. Simple to use and without the possibility of making mistakes;
  4. The most complete forensic acquisition software on the Web with automated forms for the most important social networks;
  5. Born and developed by independent and consolidated companies (not startups);
  6. Backed by an extensive worldwide reseller network offering technical support to users;
  7. The most ethical, always close to the needs of students, professors and associations with free licenses to spread the knowledge of the best practices of digital forensics;
  8. Available in many languages and tested by the world’s leading forensic communities;
  9. The creators of the software are developers and forensic technicians with decades of experience in the sector;
  10. The product with the best price / acquisition ratio.

They chose FAW

Law Enforcement / Public and Government agencies

Guardia di Finanza (ITALY)

Autorité des marchés financiers (QUEBEC)

Departiment of Investigation New York (USA)

Gendarmerie Nationale (FRANCE)

Israel Police (ISRAEL)

National Tax and Customs Administration (HUNGARY)

Swiss Police (SWITZERLAND)

Policja Wielkopolska (POLAND)

Reykjavik Metropolitan Police (ICELAND)

Treasury Inernal Revenue Service (USA)

GNR - UAF Comando - Unidade de Acção Fiscal (PORTUGAL)

Carabinieri (ITALY)

Canada Border Services Agency (CANADA)

Department of Transportation (USA)

Gujarat Police (INDIA)

Lillehammer Police (NORWAY)

New York City Police Department (USA)

Police Zimbabwe (ZIMBABWE)

Polizei Bayern (GERMANY)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (CANADA)

Polizia di Stato (ITALY)

Cuerpo de Investigaciones Fiscales (ARGENTINA)

Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service (USA)

Highland Council (UK)

Ministere del Interieur (FRANCE)

NSW Government (UK)

Policia Civil Sao Paulo (BRAZIL)

Polizeistern Muenchen (GERMANY)

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (CAYMAN ISLANDS)

United States Department of Homeland Security (USA)


Alberta Securities Commission (CANADA)

Competition and Markets Authoritypng (UK)

Devon and Cornwall Police (UK)

Independent Commission Against Corruption (AUSTRALIA)

Ministry of Interior (BULGARIA)

IMO - International Monitoring Operation (ALBANIA)

Policia Judiciaria (PORTUGAL)

Policia Nacional (COLOMBIA)

Royal Police Force (ANTIGUA BARBUDA)

Toronto Police (CANADA)


Armas da Polícia de Segurança Pública (PORTUGAL)

Karnataka State Police (INDIA)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Office of Inspector General (USA)

Ireland Defence Forces (IRELAND)

Ministero Publico Fiscal de la provincia de Salta (ARGENTINA)

Poder Judicial de la Nacion Argentina (ARGENTINA)

Politie Police (BELGIUM)

Procuraduria General de la Nacion (COLOMBIA)

Swedish Police (SWEDEN)

Williamsville Illinois Police (USA)

Schools / College / Universities

Florida State University (USA)

Colorado Christian University (USA)

Cochise College - Arizona (USA)

Champlain College (USA)

University of Computer Studies Yangon (BURMA)



Bounga Informatics (SINGAPORE)


VM Forensics (IRELAND)

Deloitte (UK)

Copyright Agency (SIDNEY)

Salvation Data (CHINA)

Orange (FRANCE)

Envista Forensics (USA)



Verizon (USA)

Evidence Solution Inc. (USA)

Teel Tecnology (Canada)

GUCCI (Italy)

Global Digital Forensics (USA)