FAW 7 is an absolute innovation, infact in addition to the classic software there are 7 new tools allow new, more safe and automatic type of acquisition. FAW 7 sure enough is a Suite of forensic instruments useful for acquisition of all type of web pages, web sites and other resources. With version 7 You have available the follow instruments:

  • FAW TOR, for web pages acquisition in Darkweb with TOR network;
  • FAW STOP allows to start and stop manually web pages acquisition, it allows to the operator capture the behavior of pages and multimedial contents (audio/video);
  • FAW TIME allows to plan web page acquisition to capture its content in different parts of the day;
  • FAW BOT  is a really crawler searches all the web pages relate to the main pages, extracting URL and height to create an index from whom You can do the successive automatic acquisitions. It also allows to do research in web sites with login protect areas, for example social networks;
  • FAW MULTI is the multi pages FAW version and it allows the automatic capture of a list of web pages. It is suitable to fast and automatic capture full web sites;
  • FAW FTP with this instrument You can capture full websites with FTP mode without edit copied files meta datas;
  • FAW REPORT  allows create a detailed report of all doing activities with FAW suite, used a full custom tamplate.

In addition of this new seven tools, FAW added new and interesting features asked by technical consultants for example:

  • Acquisition of SSL/TLS server and client certificates; acquisizione dei certificati SSL/TLS server e client;
  • script injection in web pages (bookmarklet);
  • manually setting of referral.