The program allows you to automatically send the acquisition just made to an e-mail box; to avoid the sending of attachments that are too heavy, only the Acquisition.txt, Acquisition.xml and Checking.faw files are sent. The automatic sending by e-mail allows you to send the acquisition also to a certified PEC mailbox (through your mail client) and therefore to certify the acquisition date in time.

From the Configuration> Preferences menu select the “Email” tab.

The available options are:

  • Do not send email
    Disable the sending of the e-mail
  • Send email with email client
    Send the e-mail at the end of the acquisition using your default e-mail client
  • Send email with FAW
    The program directly sends an e-mail at the end of the acquisition, in this case it is necessary to enter the data of your e-mail account and the address of the recipient