FAW STOP is the tool that allows you to capture two screenshots of the same page at different times, while keeping the screencast and network sniffer recording active. This tool is suitable for the acquisition of web pages that contain multimedia elements (audio and video) or streaming.

The first acquisition is performed before playing the multimedia element, while the second at the end of the reproduction; the multimedia element is acquired in the screencast recording (make sure that the “Active video acquisition” box is checked in Configuration> Preferences> Activity).

In the FAW STOP tool there are two buttons to carry out the first and second acquisition (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

Button 1 is called [Start Acquire] starts the first acquisition – it must therefore be pressed before running the multimedia element, while button 2 called [Stop Acquire] must be pressed after the multimedia element has finished playing.

The correct steps, therefore, to capture a page with a multimedia element are as follows:

  1. In Navigation mode, reach the page that contains the multimedia element to be acquired.
  2. Press the [Start Acquire] button and wait for the first acquisition to complete.
  3. Start playing the multimedia element.
  4. At the end of the media playback, press the [Stop Acquire] button.

In the Case folder you will find the numeric sub-folder in which there will be:

  • a folder called START in which all the elements of the first acquisition will be present;
  • a STOP folder in which all the elements of the second acquisition will be present;
  • the screencast file between the two acquisitions;
  • the sniffer file between the two acquisitions.